Charlotte Davidson: Graduate Case Study

Hi, my name is Charlotte, and I am a Graduate Associate at Cardiff Capital Region. I graduated earlier this year with a degree in Business Management at Cardiff University. I have a passion for travelling as I love visiting and exploring new places. I enjoy spending time with friends, going for walks with the dog and appreciate a good cocktail!

I found out about the CCR Graduate scheme through Cardiff Council’s website after I had graduated and was seeking an exciting role suited to my studies and professional interests, and I found just that! I currently work in the Energy and Transport team where I am engaged on a range of projects that aim to create the conditions for a carbon neutral economy and society in the CCR and improve the connectivity across the region whilst maintaining a laser-focus on clean growth.

Name: Charlotte Davidson
Hometown: Barry
University Attended: Cardiff University 
Graduation Date: July 2021
Graduate Title: Graduate Development Officer 
Start Date: 1st November 2021
Employer: Cardiff Capital Region
Supervisor Name: Clare Cameron/Nicola Somerville

Did you apply for many graduate roles or schemes? (if so, how many)

“I applied for the position at CCR and also applied for EDF Energy Graduate Scheme & Taylor Wimpey Financial Graduate Scheme.”

What were your thoughts/feelings around applying for roles/schemes during a pandemic?

“I found it difficult as I knew the process would be online with regards to interviews etc.”

What attracted you to the Venture Graduate Scheme?

“The job role sounded really interesting and exciting, I felt that the experience I would gain would be crucial in my career going forward and set me up with good foundations.”

How was your experience applying for the Venture Graduate Scheme during the pandemic?

“I found the experience positive, Gerry and Nic were very friendly during the first online interview and made me feel at ease. This was also the same at the in person interview.”

What are you hoping to achieve during your time on the scheme?

“Further my skills, learn new skills (also in a new area as I am working in the Energy and Transport team despite coming from a Business degree.”

Is there anything you would say to others thinking of applying for the scheme?

“Definitely would encourage anyone to apply. The culture is great, and I am learning whilst working which is better for me than being ‘thrown in the deep end’.”

One sentence to sum up your Venture Graduate Scheme experience…

“I am thoroughly enjoying my experience, meeting new people and learning new skills in a field I never thought about before I started.”

One word that sums up your Venture Graduate Scheme experience…


How are you finding your new role? And, has it exceeded expectations?

“Yes, I am enjoying my role. It has definitely exceeded my expectations and I feel as though I am getting stuck into the job and getting to know new people.”

How are you finding the modules?

“I am finding the modules pretty basic coming from a Business degree.”

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