Fariah Rahman: Graduate Case Study

Hey, I’m Fariah. Born and brought up in Cardiff.  I have successfully graduated from University of South Wales studying BSc Human Biology.

Being raised up as a British Bangladeshi, balancing culture and religion has always been very important for me whether this is in my work life, Uni life or personal life. Outside of my work life I enjoy learning about other cultures, exploring new restaurants in different cities (a very big foodie!), exploring different places with my friends, and learning to cook traditional dishes with the help of my top chef my Mum of course!

I also have a passion for learning about new businesses in different sectors, partially being influenced by my dad, as when I was younger, I use to sit in the car as a front passenger to explore different area’s in Cardiff and hospitality businesses which interested us both.

I found out about the CCR graduate scheme through my University Career website when searching for graduate job roles. CCR was one of the first application I had submitted, and I was delighted to be offered a role with this fantastic company after my interview.

I am currently working as a Graduate Officer within the Venture Team, my job role involves helping to recruit for Graduates to find Graduate Schemes with SME businesses within Cardiff and our other surrounding local authorities. Also engaging with various businesses in Wales, engaging with current cohorts who have successfully already been placed in current Graduate Jobs, and working with our 4 local Universities including Cardiff Uni, Cardiff Met, USW and Open University.

Landing myself a position in this department has really suited me as I have a passion for helping others and hope to build my confidence even more when communicating with different people from various backgrounds and abilities.

In the future I aspire to build my own business with the influence of other successful entrepreneurs around me and hope to inspire other women to become their own entrepreneurs. This will also help with the economic growth within Wales and beyond.


Name: Fariah Rahman   

Hometown: Cardiff

University Attended: University of South Wales

Graduation Date: 2021- ceremony 04/05

CCR Graduate Job Title: Graduate Associate       

Start Date: 01/11/2021

Employer: CCR- Venture              

Supervisor/Manager Name: Nicola Sommerville


Did you apply for many graduate roles or schemes? (if so, how many)

 4 / 5


What were your thoughts/feelings around applying for roles/schemes during a pandemic?

 Uncertain had to think of plan B in case was not successful to grad jobs


What attracted you to the CCR graduate scheme?

About the company and flexibility


How was your experience applying for the CCR graduate scheme during the pandemic?

First grad scheme I applied to before applying anywhere.


What are you hoping to achieve during your time on the scheme?

  • Help others like myself that are going through similar process
  • Feedback with the venture team on business engagement/ graduate attractions as a new grad to the team
  • Work together to help the team grow and learn new skills and experiences


Is there anything you would say to others thinking of applying for the scheme?

  • Never doubt your worth!
  • Know there is support out there


One sentence to sum up your CCR graduate scheme experience…

Reassured me this was the start of my new beginning of my career.


How are you finding your new role? Has it exceeded expectations?

  • Learning something new everyday
  • Exceeded more than my expectations- friendly, inspiring team.
  • Values everyone


How are you finding the modules?

Interesting but would have been more suited in person. Sessions seem very long as online but not much that can done about this

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