Gemma Clissett – Lovell Partnerships

Name: Gemma Clissett
Current Position and Company: Lovell Partnerships

Why did you decide to get involved with the CCR Graduate Scheme?

A few things really! We had advertised for a graduate at the start of the year and the level of applicants were good, but some were overqualified and not really what we were looking for for a graduate scheme. We heard about the CCR scheme and the synergy between our two businesses felt great. We want to look for young talent coming through and we want to retain the talent and keep them within the business, and that’s very much the same as with the CCR graduate scheme – to keep people in Wales who want to stay there.

Why should other businesses consider taking on a graduate through the CCR Graduate Scheme?

Just do it! It’s been absolutely fabulous, the people who work within the scheme are so passionate about what they do, we just found the whole experience amazing. The level of interest was amazing – for one role we had 34 applicants! We felt the job was being targeted to the right universities, the assessment centre, the vetting, and just having actually dealt with the candidates it’s all been absolutely amazing, it’s been a really good experience.

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