Robert Stevens: Graduate Case Study

Hi, I am Robert and I graduated from the University of Wales in BEng (hons) Aeronautical Engineering in June 2021. Following my degree, I applied for newly named Venture Graduate Scheme and was successfully appointed as the Renewable Energy Graduate for Spire Renewables and started on the 19th July 2021.

The Venture Graduate Scheme is “fantastic” and provided me with “an invaluable chance to build skills, make connections, and grow as a professional”

Name: Robert Stevens
Hometown: Stevenage
University Attended: University of South Wales
Graduation Date: June 2021
Graduate Title: Renewable Energy Graduate
Start Date: 19th July
Employer: Spire Renewables
Supervisor Name: Ysanne Spicer

Did you apply for many graduate roles or schemes? (if so, how many)

“In total, I applied for three graduate roles, including this role with Spire Renewables. I was unsuccessful in the other two applications, after completing assessment tasks online.”

What were your thoughts/feelings around applying for roles/schemes during a pandemic?

“I was nervous about job-hunting due to knowing how much previous graduates in 2020 had struggled, and for a while turned my focus away from graduate roles because of this, believing that I wasn’t competitive enough to be given a place on a graduate scheme.”

What attracted you to the Venture Graduate Scheme?

“As someone who has lived in Wales for the last 6 years, I was always keen to contribute positively to Wales’ local economy and remain working in Wales. The concept of a supported scheme gave me more confidence in applying to a company.”

How was your experience applying for the Venture Graduate Scheme during the pandemic?

“My interview, and all contact with the CCR graduate scheme, was online. The communication was effective and I felt encouraged and supported throughout the process.”

What are you hoping to achieve during your time on the scheme?

“I am keen to develop my professional skills and portfolio during my time on the CCR graduate skills. This first job working in a professional industry is the ‘stepping stone’ into a further career, so I am determined to build upon the engineering skills I have learnt at university.”

Is there anything you would say to others thinking of applying for the scheme?

“I would wholeheartedly encourage anyone who is considering applying to the CCR graduate scheme to complete an application. I firmly believe that there’s only wasted opportunity when you don’t put yourself forward, and that the CCR can offer you that valuable and hard-to-get first job in industry.”

One sentence to sum up your Venture Graduate Scheme experience…

“An invaluable chance to build skills, make connections, and grow as a professional.”

One word that sums up your Venture Graduate Scheme experience…


How are you finding your new role? And, has it exceeded expectations?

“My role as a graduate trainee has provided me with a much yearned for challenge, where I am constantly developing and given the opportunity to learn both in indoor and outdoor settings. I have particularly enjoyed the chance to head out to sites and see the technology that I am working on deployed in reality, as to meet other professionals who help to take a design from concept to installation.”

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