Academii & Venture Graduates: A Collaboration for Career Development

In partnership with Venture Graduates, the pioneering workplace eLearning and immersive learning platform Academii has recently recruited two graduate software developers – demonstrating their passionate commitment to providing opportunities and enabling people to unlock their full potential.

Both Academii and Venture Graduates’ dedication to professional development has created a natural collaboration – with the common goal of supporting workplace learning across Cardiff Capital Region.

Academii and Venture Graduates: Partners in Professional Growth

The Academii team, via their eLearning platform and wider immersive learning, are aiming to transform blue-collar to new-collar by revolutionising workplace training. Their focus lies in curating content to enhance the learning and development journey of those at greatest risk of displacement from automation, along with upskilling those who are furthest from traditional education.

It was a natural step for Academii to team up with Venture Graduates – reflecting the commitment of both organisations to empowering individuals with the key industry knowledge and practical skills they need to succeed.

Managing Director of Academii, Adrian Coles, spoke highly of the Venture Graduate recruitment journey:

“The process was very straightforward, with close contact from Jack Taylor helping smooth the whole experience. The engagement from Venture Graduates was quick and positive, and extended to the interview process we led with each candidate.

“Both graduates slotted into the team very well and are eager to learn, whilst already creating quality content and adding value to our offering.”

Adrian’s words are a clear testament to Venture Graduates’ ability to attract quality candidates with the right skillsets to be the right fit for businesses. And the experience had proven very positive for the graduates too …

Venturing into the World of Work

Harry and Dafydd, the two graduate software developers, have settled in at Academii and welcomed their new roles and responsibilities. Both graduates have shared their excitement for their new team, with Harry enthusing:

“From the beginning of my time at the company, I’ve felt very welcome by the team and management. There has been a little bit of a learning curve, but thanks to the resources that have been made available to me, I have found it easy to overcome.”

Even in their short time at Academii, both Harry and Dafydd have been eager to dive in and have welcomed new challenges and opportunities, bringing fresh perspectives to the business.

Dafydd is enjoying meeting clients and brainstorming:

“One part of the job I find exciting is that I get to sit in on meetings with potential clients and have a say on what content is created, talking directly to the customer about what we are making.”

Harry shares a similar enthusiasm:

“I find that the versatility of the role has interested me greatly. Ranging from client meetings to office work and facilitating exhibitions of previous projects to the public – rarely are days ever the same. Because of this, I find myself constantly engaged as each scenario helps to expand my skillset and train my abilities further each day.”

Accelerating Industry Skills

Venture Graduates provide support at every stage of the recruitment journey – even after graduates have been appointed into their new roles. Venture’s Career Accelerator Programme (CAP) provides graduates with specialised training and structured mentorship alongside their new position, aiming to fast-track their professional development and deepen their understanding of their chosen industry.

Adrian shares how the CAP has benefited graduates at Academii:

“I would highly recommend this route for recruitment if you are searching for technical talent with ambitions to learn and progress, whilst being able to share their knowledge and apply it into industry.”

Sharing Journeys to Success

After securing their software developer roles at Academii, Harry and Dafydd are in a good position to advise fellow graduates who are at the beginning of their career journey.

Dafydd shares his recommendations:

“One of the most underrated pieces of advice I could give a graduate is to be able to pick up design philosophies, software, and other technical skills. Instead of specialising in one aspect such as coding, pick up different aspects of tech as well. In my specific case, I got employed because I had a wide net of knowledge in technical aspects like photoshop, game design, and media creation.”

Harry adds:

“There are so many opportunities out there which you are highly likely to be unaware of. It’s entirely possible that any one of these unknown roles may lead to your lifelong career.”

It’s clear from the collaboration between Academii and Venture Graduates that both organisations prioritise learning and development throughout individuals’ professional journeys. By investing in this partnership, Academii continues to be an industry leader for workplace learning and upskilling, whilst benefiting from Venture’s exceptional graduate talent.

If you are an employer looking for an outstanding new addition to your business, contact the business team at or submit your vacancy here.

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