Bringing Creativity to Cybersecurity with Venture Graduates

Cardiff Capital Region’s Venture Graduates is proud to support our Region’s cyber ecosystem. Our ongoing partnership with PureCyber, an industry leader in managed cyber security solutions, has resulted in five talented graduates being appointed into new roles in just twelve months – highlighting the appetite for Venture’s high-calibre candidate pool.

While PureCyber has taken on three SOC Analysts and a Cyber Operations Executive from Venture Graduates, their newest recruit, Graphic Designer Lowri Keane, demonstrates how the creative and cyber industries can unite to create excellent results.

Diving into the World of Work

Lowri began her role at PureCyber only a month after graduating from university, but she has already made an immediate impact on the business – her graphic design work has been featured in Cardiff Arms Park and the Football Association of Wales! We spoke to Lowri to learn more about her first few months at PureCyber:

Lowri at her graduation.

“It’s been brilliant. PureCyber have been incredible in supporting me, constantly ensuring that I feel comfortable in the company and in my role as a graphic designer. I’ve really enjoyed the structure and stability, as well as the fast-paced and ever-changing environment of the company and the office.

“Working at PureCyber, being such a dynamic and rapidly growing environment, has meant my daily tasks are constantly changing. Perhaps not to everyone’s taste, but I really enjoy that I’m able to work on many projects at once, as it allows me to keep my attention high-energy and my work to remain exciting. I’m always looking forward to what the next task will be.”

Lowri's graphic at FAW.

Tackling Imposter Syndrome

Imposter syndrome is incredibly common in your first professional role – Venture Graduates understand how difficult it can be to adapt to full-time work and navigate the transition between university and the workplace.

Lowri shares her tips on beating imposter syndrome:

“It’s easy when you are in your first full-time job to feel like a bit of an imposter, but I was always told to adopt a ‘fake-it-‘til-you-make-it’ attitude and it really does go a long way. Continue to remind yourself that most people feel like this when they are first starting out, and that you already proved yourself by getting the job in the first place. 

“If you had told me I would be in a job I really enjoyed so soon out of university this time last year – I would never have believed you. I feel if anything this job and taught me that I’m capable of more than I thought, and even when imposter syndrome starts to rear its head, I try to remind myself that I got here and I’m doing it.”

Continued Collaboration

Lowri marks PureCyber’s fifth recruit from Venture Graduates’ talented pool of candidates. HR Manager Hannah Ribeyro​​​​ explains why PureCyber continue to recruit from Venture:

Hannah Ribeyro

“The recruitment process overall was faultless. The support from Venture Graduates has been invaluable to me as a stand along HR role in the company. 

“All of our graduates are performing to a high standard and progressing well within their roles. We look forward to seeing their continued development with us at PureCyber.”

Lowri adds:

“I wouldn’t have got my job without Venture Graduates. I think they are doing a great and much-needed job of allowing graduates to get their foot in the door in an otherwise cut-throat and often seemingly impossible industry environment.”

Cardiff Capital Region’s Venture Graduates understand both businesses and graduates – providing unrivalled support to match the right candidates with the right businesses. If you’re an employer in need of outstanding fresh talent, contact the Venture team today at or submit your vacancy here. 

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