Cardiff Capital Region and Venture Graduates: Finding the Next Generation of Tech Talent at Wales Tech Week

Cardiff Capital Region (CCR) and Venture Graduates are joining forces at Wales Tech Week to address critical skills challenges in the technology sector in South East Wales.

CCR and Venture Graduates understand the importance of inspiring the next generation of talent to take on new challenges and develop in-demand technical skills. Venture Graduates are a key sponsor of Wales Tech Week’s Tech4Talent event – an informative day designed to attract a new wave of talent to meet the tech industry’s growing demand for skilled professionals. This partnership is a natural step to  encourage emerging professionals to discuss unique pathways into tech, along with different opportunities to accelerate their career in Wales.

Venture Graduates’ recent skills initiative saw nearly fifty graduates upskill in the vital areas of  

digital, data, and cybersecurity in a rigorous three-week Bootcamp. The Venture into Data, Digital, and Cyber Bootcamps brought together leading training providers and industry partners to deliver employer-led training content – preparing graduates for the region’s growing tech workforce needs to bridge the skills gap from university to industry. 

CCR’s Skills and Talent Manager, Rowena O’Sullivan explains why Venture Graduates are targeting tech skills: 

Venture Graduates understand the growing cyber and digital skills gaps businesses are experiencing – nearly half of all UK cyber businesses are currently facing technical skills shortages within their organisation. 

“The Venture Bootcamps offer a unique opportunity for local employers to connect with talented, industry-ready tech graduates who have gained the practical skills necessary to make an immediate impact in their next role.” 

Rowena is hosting a ‘Venture into the Future’ panel at Talent4Tech, Day 3 of Wales Tech Week. The panel brings Admiral and workplace eLearning provider Academii together with three graduates from Venture Graduates’ Bootcamps to discuss alternative pathways into the tech industry. 

Rowena shares her thoughts behind the panel: 

“At Talent4Tech, we are delighted to have brought leading tech experts together with graduates from our Venture into Tech Bootcamps. 

“As the tech industry faces a growing demand for skilled professionals, it’s more important than ever to create more accessible routes into the field – both widening the talent pool for employers and giving individuals greater opportunity to pursue skilled technical jobs.” 

Taiye Abayomi, a graduate from Venture’s Cyber Bootcamp, adds: 

“It was a tough decision to switch to cybersecurity considering the amount of hard work and time invested in my previous career. Still, I knew that technology taking over – it’s not a matter of how and why, but a question of when.  

“Every tech skill is essential depending on your field of specialisation. However, former FBI Director Robert Mueller’s quote, “there are only two types of companies: those that have been hacked and those that will be,” emphasises cyber and information security as a career that will always be needed – both now, and in the future.” 

Wales Tech Week, scheduled for October 16th-18th, serves as a platform for showcasing the region’s commitment to nurturing tech talent and fostering collaboration between industry leaders and emerging professionals. The event puts Welsh tech on a global stage – sparking discussion about the latest tech trends and creating opportunities for both the tech-curious and tech innovators.  

CCR and Venture Graduates are thrilled to work with Wales Tech Week to showcase the region’s tech developments and identify key upskilling opportunities for the next generation of tech professionals. 

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