Delivering Digital Talent to Southeast Wales with Big Learning Company

Cardiff Capital Region’s Venture Graduates and digital skills experts Big Learning Company (BLC) are delighted to share feedback and results from last year’s bootcamps designed for graduates and developed to enhance industry-led digital upskilling in South Wales.

Last autumn, Venture Graduates launched the Venture into Tech Bootcamps, working with leading training providers to deliver Bootcamps in data, digital, and cyber skills. BLC were the chosen provider to deliver the Venture into Digital Bootcamp – providing valuable expertise from AI to project management whilst helping to equip a talented pool of graduates with the digital skills they need to kickstart their careers.

Developing Digital Talent Pipelines

Venture into Digital was designed to deliver industry-ready talent to our Region’s businesses, with the Bootcamp ensuring that each candidate was ready to hit the ground running in a digital role.

While each graduate brought enthusiasm and determination to the Bootcamp, BLC were impressed by one graduate in particular, Zoe Paginton, who brought a unique set of skills that BLC were keen to take onboard.

We spoke to Jack Mayers, Digital Learning Executive at BLC, to learn more about how BLC benefitted from the Bootcamp’s digital graduates:

“We were able to recruit directly from the Bootcamp’s pool of talent, which allowed us to meet a plethora of talented graduates and engage with innovative tech businesses.  We were keen to employ an enthusiastic, positive individual who was equipped with the digital skills needed to start a role immediately.

“Zoe has enhanced our team with fresh perspectives, energy and enthusiasm. Her positivity and work rate have enabled us to increase our digital skills offering. Zoe’s flexibility has enabled her to pivot to suit the varying needs of the business at different stages, ultimately supporting us to develop and grow our training offering.”

Appetite for Upskilling

Venture into Digital Bootcamp supported Zoe in bridging the skills gap between university and industry – but her learning and development didn’t stop there. In her new role as a Digital Assessment Officer, Zoe has shown an appetite for learning and is currently undertaking a TAQA (Training, Assessment, and Quality Assurance) qualification to become a qualified assessor.

Zoe explains why she continues to work on her professional development:

“I am excited and eager to learn new things, and the first few months in this role have helped develop my skills in communication, teamwork, and learner databases. By attending networking events, I have grown in confidence in my field of work, and I’ve enjoyed meeting new people who have been amazing in making me feel comfortable and answering any questions I might have.”

Graduate Zoe from BLC

Jack adds:

“Zoe supports our cohort of digital apprentices, builds strong relationships with learners and employer managers, creates digital content, delivers training sessions and organises meetings with partners. As Zoe progresses through her apprenticeship, she will take on further responsibility which will involve making assessment decisions and managing her own caseload of digital apprentices.”

Venturing into Digital

Venture’s Digital Bootcamp provided graduates with a comprehensive set of skills designed to launch their digital careers across a range of sectors. As the technology industries continue to develop and innovate, it’s vital for individuals to enhance their skillsets to meet growing industry demands.

Zoe explains how the Bootcamp helped her to embrace new skills:

“The variations in topics from content creation to cyber security were engaging and fun, as well as the collaborations with outside companies and employers helped build my confidence. For example, learning about the use of Artificial Intelligence during the Bootcamp is something I never would have put myself forward for, but it was so interesting and helped me develop a new skill and interest in the topic.”

Jack emphasises how Zoe’s skillset was the perfect fit for BLC:

“Zoe has been a breath of fresh air here at BLC. Her positivity and enthusiasm are infectious and have transcended throughout the organisation. We are pleased that we have been able to support Zoe’s professional development by enrolling her onto her assessor qualification and have no doubt that she will go from strength to strength as she continues her first year with us!”

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