How a Journey for Skills and Talent Became a Venture…

A pioneering new employment and skills brand is about to emerge on the South East Wales talentscape – with the launch of Venture, Cardiff Capital Region’s (CCR’s) new Skills & Talent Hub. Suzanne Chesterton, Head of Marketing and Communications for the CCR explains the logic and thinking behind the new brand name;

At some point in brand development, there’s a moment of truth where the brand has to make a promise based on its purpose

“Building a new brand is a fine balancing act at the best of times” explains Suzanne “incorporating not just the mission, vision and values, but also harmonising the many different moving parts you would expect from a service that engages a diverse range of stakeholders. But for all the discovery sessions, mood boards, proposition developments and focus groups that may be undertaken, every new brand needs to arrive at a point where it can stand tall in the hard light of day and make a promise based on a compelling purpose. We reached that moment of truth when our research told us that the Venture marque encapsulated the journey being made every day by people and organisations in the quest for new opportunities, new skills and continual improvement. So, Venture is an ongoing journey, as well as a destination where employers, employees, candidates, skills providers, students and those who simply want to grow their professional capital can meet, match, learn and continually develop.

Encapsulating the journey being made every day by people and organisations in the quest for new skills and continual improvement

“A strong service brand also benefits by having aspiration in its core, with one foot in the present and one foot in the future. So, Venture to us also denotes an endeavour – an endeavour that demands commitment from all involved. It’s a challenge, with an element of dare and risk – all of which I think are inherently present in any new role or undertaking any of us would take on. So, we think it’s a good representation of what the service is, what we’re trying to achieve – and the whole spectrum of emotions associated with either recruiting a new colleague into a close-knit team, or equally, the emotions associated with making that big decision and taking the next step up the career ladder.”

“In essence, Venture was born to both improve the employability of people and nurture success for organisations across our region – so our strapline ‘Find Your Future‘ is consciously instructive, a clarion call to businesses and students alike – and a reminder to ourselves that the Venture programmes and initiatives are here to evolve in line with the mutual needs of people and organisations. The future has never been so uncertain and never so exciting – with Brexit, Automation, AI and the Green Revolution reshaping the job market and talent pipeline of our region. Venture has arrived to help make that change a hugely positive one, for employers and employees of all shapes and sizes and in every sector.

We’re a catalyst for countless journeys and home to many different destinations, all under the one brand of Venture

“For example, our current re-launched graduate service will be joined by a much wider series of specialist programmes – including, in time, tailored apprenticeships – and we’re already partnering with Innovate UK to bring their pioneering Women in Innovation and Young Innovator programmes into the Venture fold.

“Venture is a building block of CCR’s commitment to creating sustainable employment and inclusive prosperity here in the region – dedicated to developing the skills and meeting the employment needs for the local and foundational economies, as well as the trading economy. Above all, we’re the catalyst for countless journeys and home to many different destinations, all under one brand. And that brand is Venture.” 


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