How to be your best at Bootcamp

If you have managed to secure a spot on one of Cardiff Capital Region’s Venture into Data, Digital, or Cyber Bootcamps – well done! You might now be wondering how to prepare and what to expect from your three weeks of intensive learning. We have several handy tips to make sure you’re ready to take the next step towards your dream graduate job!

Be on time

This might be obvious, but it’s important! Arriving on time (or ideally, a few minutes early) demonstrates your time management skills and professionalism to both your cohort and prospective employers. Waking up a few minutes early or catching the earlier train will save you from worrying about being late and gives you some time to spare if you have any delays during your commute.

Be curious

Our Bootcamps are designed to bridge the gap between university and industry in order to ensure you are ready for the world of work. You’ll be learning about new topics and concepts throughout the three weeks, so don’t be afraid to ask questions – no question is too small or too silly! Demonstrating curiosity is a great way to show your passion and excitement for your subject. You may not have the specialist knowledge or skills now, but proving that you’re enthusiastic and eager to learn demonstrates your potential as a candidate.

We spoke to Emma Roche, Talent Acquisition Partner at Principality Building Society, to understand more about the importance of curiosity:  


“One of our values at Principality Building Society is delivering with passion – we want to see initiative and drive, a determination to deliver. Embrace your curiosity – feel empowered to ask questions, ask why, and share ideas.” 

Be collaborative

Throughout the Bootcamp, you’ll have several opportunities to work with your peers to problem-solve and work on different projects together. Teamwork is a vital skill in any job role or industry, so it’s important to work collaboratively in order to make the most of your experience. Make sure you listen to others, but don’t be afraid to share your ideas and think outside the box.

We spoke to the Founder of Service Technology Group, Andrea Davies, to learn more about the top collaborative qualities employers are looking for from graduates:

“A successful candidate for us would be someone who has the potential to grow the specialist skills the role requires but who demonstrates good attitude and integrity first and foremost. Active engagement throughout the Bootcamp is vital to demonstrate your interaction, curiosity and team-spirit – such as looking out for each other and taking the time to help integrate quieter participants.

“You can usually tell who is being genuine and who is doing things just to stand out.  Always strive to be genuine – but participate in whichever way you feel most comfortable.”

Enjoy yourself!

Most importantly, remember to have fun! The bootcamps aren’t all about work – they’re a great opportunity to network with new people, learn new skills, and boost your confidence. Over three short weeks, you’ll gain vital skills in not only your respective industry, but also in problem-solving, communication, and critical thinking – all of which will provide a solid foundation for your future career.

Whether you venture into Data, Digital or Cyber, you’ll gain valuable insight into the digital sector and have the opportunity to create new connections and build up your network. Empowered and equipped with strong industry and interpersonal skills, you’ll be ready for the world of work and to take the next step in your career!

Written by Esme Grainger, Graduate Associate at Cardiff Capital Region.


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