The Latest in Skills & Talent in Southeast Wales

Innovation, media technology, and boosting green skills are only some of the exciting developments taking place across Southeast Wales in early 2024.

Despite cuts to apprenticeship funding in Wales, a wide range of skills initiatives are in development, demonstrating how our Region continues to drive new advancements across priority sectors and attract new organisations to benefit from our Region’s growing talent pool.

Media Cymru Invests £1 million in Innovative Technology

Media Cymru has awarded 24 businesses and freelancers with up to £50,000 of Development Fund support to develop innovative ideas into tangible products or services to boost the Welsh media sector.

The funded projects include the ethical use of AI in games, virtual production accessibility, and animation, with some of these projects progressing from Media Cymru Seed Funding to continue Research and Development.

Projects must be completed within twelve months before applicants can apply for Scale-Up funding of up to £250,000, to enable ambitious and high potential projects to deliver wider impact.

Driving Sustainable Skills with Net Zero Academy

NPTC Group of Colleges, Industry Specialists, and Respected Trade Associations have developed a Net Zero Academy – an innovation hub for businesses and organisations to gain access to the tools they need to achieve Net Zero targets.

The Academy supports businesses in navigating the changing nature of Net Zero skills that are needed now and in the future. By offering essential guidance, specialist knowledge, and tailored support, the Academy offers businesses and organisations the opportunity to prepare their workforce for the transition to Net Zero.

Cuts to Apprenticeships Worsening Compound Semiconductor Skills Gap

In a recent Senedd debate, Plaid Cymru’s shadow minister MS Luke Fletcher has highlighted how cuts to apprenticeship funding have the potential to exacerbate skills gaps within the compound semiconductor sector.

The compound semiconductor is central to the Welsh economy, with direct and indirect employment increasing by 9% last year – demonstrating the potential for expansion across the sector despite existing skills gaps.

Referencing a recent Institute of Physics report on the sector, Fletcher highlights how two thirds of physics innovators across the UK have reported suspension or delay of innovation activities due to skills shortages. He argued that apprenticeships are a clear solution to address the growing skills shortages and create the essential talent pipelines to meet sector demands.

FinTech Wales Welcomes New Partner Starling Bank

Digital bank Starling Bank has joined FinTech Wales in a commitment to growing the fintech ecosystem in Wales.

The London-headquartered bank expanded to Cardiff in 2020 in recognition of the wide talent pool available in the region, with the Cardiff office acting as one of Starling’s largest bases. Starling continues to bring a wide range of career opportunities to the region and nurtures new talent within the fintech sector.

By joining FinTech Wales, Starling will maximise their impact on the Welsh fintech landscape – enabling further skills initiatives and boosting the ecosystem’s growth.

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