Venture Bootcamps Kickstart Careers in Technology

Cardiff Capital Region’s Venture Graduates launched a successful set of data, digital, and cyber bootcamps designed to deliver a pipeline of tech talent to our Region’s businesses – solving skills shortages and meeting growing industry demands. 

The Venture into Tech Bootcamps saw nearly 50 talented STEM graduates secure lucrative roles by connecting with Venture’s network of innovative tech businesses who were ready to recruit new talent.  

Embracing Future Tech Skills

The Venture into Data Bootcamp, delivered by iungo Solutions, saw graduates develop their capabilities in data analytics, programming, data visualisation, and information governance – all of which are vital skills to succeed in data-driven industries. 

We spoke to graduate, Micheal Ikomi, to learn more about why he took part in the Bootcamp: 


“I’m very passionate about technology and coming from a nonSTEM background, I needed to learn a lot more about tech, spend more time around techinclined individuals, and build my network in the tech ecosystem. 

Micheal is now employed as Digital Learning Developer – combining his background in Education and EdTech with his passion for technology. He explains the importance of employability training as well as technical skills:  

My favourite element of the bootcamp was that participants were given the opportunity to meet with potential employers and given training prior to networking, including teaching us how to adequately market ourselves, interview skills and the importance of having a LinkedIn profile.” 

Leaping from Finance to Digital Marketing

Delivered by Big Learning Company, the Venture into Digital Bootcamp equipped graduates with a comprehensive set of digital skills, ranging from content creation to project management, to accelerate their digital careers. 

Graduate George Green shared his experience: 

“I wanted to gain confidence. I initially came into the bootcamp unsure if my skills were fit for a career. However, during the bootcamp I gained insight into what is looked for in my career search and was able to use this to enhance my skills. 

The Bootcamp allowed George to transition from a financial background to a creative digital marketing role, using the skills he developed during the Bootcamp to embark on a new career journey. 

He explains: 

“Despite taking Accounting & Finance in University, my passions outside have always been to create and use digital software. So, being able to use skills developed from my studies and merging it with my passions has made my current role particularly engaging. Despite the initial challenges of transitioning into employment, the first couple of months have been rewarding as I can see my skills be used in real world situations. 

Diving into Cybersecurity

The Venture into Cyber Bootcamp was delivered by Cyber Innovation Hub to arm graduates with the essential cybersecurity fundamentals to bridge the gap between university and industry. 

Cyber Security Analyst at Principality Building Society, Sam Portingale, explains how the Bootcamp helped him to secure his new role: 

“I felt as though the bootcamp would be a great chance for me to brush-up and expand my knowledge in the area, but also the opportunity to gain an insight into the industry by listening to talks from people currently working in the industry. 

“The training and advice that I had received from the training providers in the bootcamp made me feel confident going into my interview. The ‘speed-networking’ event at the end of the bootcamp gave me the experience needed to walk into an interview and talk about my current experience and my strengths properly.” 

Next Generation of Skills

Cardiff Capital Region have launched new technology and creative media Bootcamps to welcome a new cohort of talent ready to make an immediate impact in the workplace.  

Widening access from graduates to career returners, career changers, and school leavers, the data, digital, and cyber bootcamps will address our Region’s critical skills gaps and will drive a much-needed pipeline of STEM talent directly to our Region’s businesses.  

To learn more about the range of skills programmes on offer, visit CCR Skills – Cardiff and Vale College ( 


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