Venture Bootcamps launch 50 graduates into tech industries

Venture Graduates’ Data, Digital, and Cyber Bootcamps launched Monday 4th September – and with that, launched fifty talented graduates into the tech industry.

Designed and delivered in collaboration with expert training providers, iungo Solutions, Big Learning Company, and the Cyber Innovation Hub, these innovative Bootcamps will develop graduates into future tech professionals – ready to make an immediate impact on businesses across the region.

The successful launch at Principality Building Society saw graduates and businesses come together in a unique opportunity to bridge the gap between university and industry, giving graduates valuable exposure to leading technology professionals.

We spoke to Lauren Harvey, Founding Director of Full Stop Accounts, who attended our launch on Monday. She shared:

“Things are moving so fast in the industry, it’s difficult to write a job description – it’s more about the skills these graduates will gain over the next three weeks.

“These Bootcamps are filling the digital skills gap by taking something traditional and looking at it in a fresh way.”

The Bootcamps prioritise practical experience and using real-world examples instead of classroom-based learning, so each cohort will gain valuable digital skills they will be able to directly apply in the workplace. As the technology and cybersecurity industries continue to grow, it’s crucial to equip graduates with the technical and professional skills they need to thrive in these industries.

We spoke to a graduate on the Cyber Bootcamp, Emma Jenkins, who enthused:

“The Bootcamps will provide invaluable, hands-on experience in the industry – there’s nothing out there quite like it.”

Even if candidates have previous experience in different industries, the Bootcamps provide an opportunity for individuals at the beginnings of their careers to change direction.

We spoke to Moynul Islam, who explains why he was drawn to the Bootcamps in a career pivot from software engineering to cybersecurity:

“With Venture’s Bootcamps, my software engineering background will be a useful foundation to develop upon my cybersecurity knowledge. After seeing the vulnerability of major organisations to cyber threats, cyber skills are an increasingly vital asset to all businesses.”

Along with networking with fellow industry professionals, businesses were encouraged to connect with graduates who could be potential candidates to join their organisation.

We spoke to Andrea Davies, Founder of Service Technology Group, who explained:

“It’s the opportunity to see people in action – understanding their mindset and attitude.

“Curiosity is everything. We want to see people getting involved and be engaged in what they’re doing over the three weeks of Bootcamp.”

The Bootcamps will finish with a speed-networking day on Friday 22nd September to enable businesses to connect with industry-ready graduates. After three weeks of intensive learning and employability training, graduates will be ready to hit the ground running in their new workplace.

Businesses in the Cardiff Capital Region are invited to register here to get involved and find their future tech talent.


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