Venture Graduates: Supporting the Leap from University to the World of Work

Graduating university is daunting. It’s difficult to transition from university to the world of work – especially if you’re unsure of your career direction.

Cardiff Capital Region’s Venture Graduates understand the challenges graduates face when it’s time to take the first step in your career journey – and we are committing to supporting you at every step of the way. 

Our partnership with Monmouthshire County Council marks our dedication to supporting graduates, not only during the recruitment process, but by being part of our graduate community. 

Easing the Transition

After graduating university, Hannah Carter secured her role as a Graduate Performance Analyst at Monmouthshire County Council through the Venture Graduate Programme. She shares her thoughts about how the Venture programme boosted her confidence: 

“I was coming to the end of my degree and the thought of having a full-time job was a daunting prospect. I’m normally painfully shy and job interviews seemed terrifying! The different stages of recruitment seemed scary, but it was a fantastic experience – I don’t think I would have been as successful in my interview if I hadn’t gained that experience throughout the entire recruitment and assessment process.  

“Everyone was really supportive, and you feel like they want you to succeed, and they want you to do well. It gave me great preparation, in terms of both of the skills that you gained, also building my confidence, so I had a great experience in that sense.” 

Embracing New Skills and Community

After graduates are appointed into their new role, Venture Graduates offers the opportunity to gain formal microcredential qualifications via the Open University in Venture’s Career Accelerator Programme (CAP). 

The CAP not only supports formal skills development, but it also gives graduates the opportunity to be part of a CAP cohort and network with their peers alongside their learning. 

We spoke to Will Austin, Project Funding Officer at Monmouthshire County Council, about his experience of his microcredential course: 

“I completed the microcredential course in project management. I really enjoyed the fact that all the learning material was provided and scheduled out, designed so that I could go at my own pace over the ten-week course. All of the resources were online, and I really enjoyed the responsibility of being in charge of my own learning.” 

Hannah adds, 

“It was really nice to have the cohort throughout the CAP and be able to make friends and meet new people from all different backgrounds. I think that was nice to meet people in all different types of careers who are going through the same things as you and experiencing new things at work to soundboard off.” 

Progression and Development

Venture Graduates work with organisations who prioritise their team’s development – both Will and Hannah have benefitted from ongoing career progression and development during their time at Monmouthshire County Council. 

We spoke to Will about his career journey so far: 

“My background came from history, but I’ve progressed into finance. It’s something that I have always wanted to learn more about and I am enjoying the process. My work experience was largely admin-focused, but through the Venture programme, I could build my finance knowledge and gain experience in different areas of business.  

“It’s something that was a bit of a step in a different direction, but having new challenges and new responsibilities since completing the Venture programme has given me more confidence in my role and in my team.” 

Hannah adds: 

“My career progression has been really positive – I’ve done a lot more than I was even expecting! I’m building on my responsibilities and presenting to committees, which I never thought I would be doing a year into my career. But I think it’s possible because of the support I’ve had working here and the great team I’m in, so I’m really happy with how my careers progressed so far.” 

Will shares his advice for new graduates looking to take the first step in the career: 

“Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself and pick something you might not have initially seen yourself doing. Be confident in your own abilities to go and test yourself with something a bit different.” 

If you’re a graduate looking for your dream graduate role, register at Venture Graduates to be the first to know about the latest roles in the region.  

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